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SBISD October Fine Arts Spotlight: Camilla Vitela

What fine arts activity are you in and how long have you participated?
The fine arts activity I am in is Orchestra! I have participated in this activity for exactly two years, and am headed for my third year in 2024.

What inspired you to join a fine arts activity at Landrum Middle School?
I've always wanted to engage myself in a musical instrument, preferably the violin. It just intrigued me so much, when I was informed Landrum Middle offered such, I chose Orchestra.

 How do you think this experience has prepared you for high school?
My experience with being in the Orchestra has most definitely helped me prepare for high school. From talking to my peers to being on stage in front of large crowds, eventually all the timidness leaves me. This musical activity pushed me to put myself out there and not be afraid to speak up. Since speaking with peers is a big thing in the Orchestra, this contributes heavily to socializing which is needed for high school.

What Core Characteristic(s) have you developed most by being part of this activity? 
I feel that Persistent & Adaptable is a Core Characteristic I've developed because in Orchestra, you must know your part well and are expected to practice frequently. For that reason, I build my persistence and adapt to my parts when I practice regularly. 

How has your fine arts instructor helped you or inspired you?
My Orchestra instructor, Ms. Joanna Ramirez, has helped me so much these past two years. For instance, when she thoroughly walks me through a measure I need to work on or don't quite understand yet. I truly appreciate all the help she's provided me with!

What would say to students thinking about joining this activity?
Of course if anyone is interested in joining the Orchestra I'd say go for it, it's definitely worth your while.

Are you planning on participating in this activity in high school?
I plan on participating in this activity at Northbrook High School.  

What are you most excited about looking towards high school and your future?
I am looking forward to all my new classes at Northbrook High School and all the new people I will meet. As for my future, I'm ready to become successful and fulfill my goals. 

SBISD’s Fine Arts programming provides students opportunities to participate in theater, band, orchestra, choir, dance, art and much more. Performing and fine arts provide an important means of communication where thoughts, creativity and expression can be directed to ennoble, uplift, inspire and build.
For questions regarding SBISD Fine Arts, contact SBISD’s Director of Fine Arts or the art instructor at your school.