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The Spring Branch Independent School District has selected the following early dismissal days to be used for professional development or parental involvement. Not all schools may follow this schedule, so please contact your child's school directly if you have any questions.

  • October 17-18 Elementary Early Dismissal – Parent/Teacher Conference
  • December 18-20 Secondary Early Dismissal; December 20 Elementary Early Dismissal
  • February 13-14 Elementary Early Dismissal – Parent/Teacher Conference
  • May 26-28 Secondary Early Dismissal: May 28 Elementary Early Dismissal

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We’re highlighting our Teacher of the Year Finalists for their outstanding work. Join us in celebrating these AMAZING educators! #InspiringMinds #EveryChild

Secondary Teacher of the Year Finalist

Amanda Campos

Landrum Middle School
Science/Biology, 7th Grade


University of Houston, Master’s of Education, Curriculum & Instruction-STEM, Current

Student (Anticipated August 2019 Graduation)

University of Houston-Clear Lake, Bachelor of Arts, Biological Sciences, 2014

Teaching History

Landrum Middle School, 2015-Present

In her own words . . .

“What led me to the field of teaching was my desire to become the teacher I so desperately needed when I myself was a student. I didn’t figure out that I had a love for learning science until my first year of college. I knew that I wanted to be a teacher who helped students discover their love for learning, and the potential they carry with them at a younger age. Over the last four years, I’ve realized that there are many hurdles – language barriers, learning disabilities, low self-esteem, etc. – that most of my students face to get to that point.”

In the words of others . . .

“Amanda Campos is a relentless champion for the whole school, whole community and whole child. She is a huge asset for our campus, and a blessing to administration. She gives endlessly of her energy to educate the children, adults and community of Landrum Middle School. She personifies what it means to put kids at the heart of what we do in education by advocating and providing them with student voice and agency.” Samuel Karns, Landrum Middle School Assistant Principal



Families and mentors are a critical part of helping students make connections between what is learned at school and what they experience outside campus walls. We welcome and encourage parents, families, and mentors to partner with us!

The new Empowered & Equipped! site features resources to support conversations and activities at home, and in the community, with monthly lessons aligned to SBISD instruction. These lessons focus on the critical areas of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)and building awareness of various career pathways as part of the Spring Branch T-2-4 Goal.

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