Fine Arts

Mission Statement:

Landrum Middle School Fine Arts and Electives Department is to instill in our students and community a life-long passion for the performing and visual arts that results in personal and professional artistic pursuits beyond high school graduation.

Vision Statement:

We are committed to cultivating rigorous learning opportunities and fostering meaningful relationships.  Landrum will prepare every child to be independent, goal driven risk-takers in a collaborative and safe learning environment. 





The Award Winning Landrum Middle School Choir sings and performs at concerts both on and off campus throughout the year.  The Choirs have consistently earned Sweepstakes at UIL Concert & Sightreading Contest, as well as having record number of All-Region Choir members.  Our choirs get invited to perform at football games, social events, celebrations and special occasions throughout the city.  We sing throughout the year, and then have a fantastic Spring Show at the end of the year.  Each year we take a trip (Fiesta Texas San Antonio, Schlitterbahn New Braunfels, Schlitterbahn Galveston, etc.).  The class meets every day, and we have several different classes/Choirs:

5th Grade Choir
Beginner Boys Choir (6th Grade)
Beginner Girls Choir (6th Grade)
Intermediate Girls Choir (7th/8th Grade)
Advanced Boys Choir (6th/7th/8th)
Advanced Girls Choir (7th/8th)
Advanced Mixed Choir (6th/7th/8th)

We focus on Success while having FUN!!!!!

LMS Lions Orchestra

We are the Landrum Lions Orchestra and we proudly feed students from Edgewood, Ridgecrest, Cedar Brook, Housman, and Treasure Forest Elementary! The Landrum Orchestra Program focuses on performing stringed instruments in the orchestra family. Along with performance, orchestra teaches students life learning lessons such as Teamwork, Confidence, Communication, Leadership, and Pride. All members of the orchestra show good work ethic, dedication, and success when they participate in the Lion Orchestra. Each student strives for “Lions Inspire Others to Never Settle” every day amongst the orchestra. Each year we take a trip (Fiesta Texas San Antonio, Schlitterbahn New Braunfels, Schlitterbahn, Galveston. Landrum Middle School has a shared partnership with KIPP Courage College Prep and both schools actively participate and collaborate in the Orchestra program. We have three Orchestras here at Landrum Middle School/ KIPP Courage College Prep.

The Beginner Orchestra program at the middle school begins in the fifth grade in KIPP and sixth grade at Landrum with instruction in violin, viola, cello, and bass. These students learn in a homogenous class setting, focusing solely on their particular instrument pedagogy. Most 6th graders are part of this orchestra, which is comprised of beginning players. In these classes, we start from scratch with everything: how to hold the instrument and bow, how to read music, the best ways to make sounds, the best way to sit/stand, the history behind the music we play, and much more. These classes meet daily and focus on establishing and developing basic musical and performance skills. The Beginner Orchestra performs three concerts a year at Landrum Middle School.


The Intermediate Orchestra is composed of students with one or more years of experience. In this orchestra, the students continue their musical development by learning new techniques and faster, more complex rhythms. Students at this level can already demonstrate shifting and vibrato, and are committed to continuing their interest in improving their skills in orchestra. This orchestra performs three concerts each year at Landrum Middle School. 


The Advanced Orchestra is comprised of advanced string players at LMS. They show competency in all major two octave scales, complex rhythms, vibrato and shifting, and most importantly, show commitment to their orchestra by attending all rehearsals and practicing. Most of the students in this orchestra are 8th graders but there are several 7th graders, and a few 6th graders who can be admitted to this orchestra by ability level. The main purpose is to be prepared for high school orchestra, so the expectation of practice and work ethic will be very high. Students will learn advanced techniques as well as perform increasingly difficult music as the year progresses. Advanced students will be STRONGLY encouraged to try out for All-Region Orchestra. Beyond the Fall, Winter, and Spring concerts, the Advanced orchestra has several additional performances in school and community functions. These members will participate in the UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Competition in April, perform at the elementary schools, and possible performances at various events in the Spring Branch community and Houston Metroplex. 

The Lions Orchestra is PROUD of Spring Branch ISD and look forward to quantum leaps of success and education.