The Landrum Middle School Science department offers a rigorous program infused with literacy, inquiry, and creativity in order to provide students with a rich scientific experience. We provide a personalized program that focuses on every child. We strive to ignite limitless curiosity in order develop a love of learning and prepare students for T-2-4 and beyond.

Topics of study for each grade level are found below:

6th Grade - Karen Nickel (Science Specialist) & Whitney Neu: Matter and Energy, Force and Motion, Earth Processes, the Solar System, Organisms, Ecosystems

7th Grade - Whitney Singleton & Kayla McCormick: Cells, Human Systems, Genetics, Ecosystems, Earth Processes and Cycles

8th Grade - Manuel Benavidez (Department Chair) & Lisa Avina: Ecology, Geology, Chemistry, Physics, Sun-Earth-Moon, Astronomy, Meteorology