Special Education

Landrum Middle School has a dedicated Special Education staff that is committed to providing the best possible education in the least restrictive environment for each child. The service continuum is as follows:

General Education
A monitoring teacher is responsible for checking with each teacher to make sure the student is successful in the classroom. The special education teacher is available to provide input and suggest strategies that will support the student’s progress.

  • General Education (Monitor only) – students are responsible for all TEKS in the appropriate grade level and subject area. IEP goals for these students might include study skills or appropriate class room behaviors.
  • General Education with modifications – students are responsible for all TEKS within a subject area with allowances made for specific child centered needs.
  • Inclusion – Students attend general education classes while under the direction of an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for that specific subject area. Teacher and/or assistants go into the classrooms to assist the students and teachers in maintaining mastery of IEP goals.

Content Mastery
Special Education students attending general education classes may also go to the Content Mastery room to get extra help to complete an assignment, reteach a skill, or take a test. This also provides a quieter environment for students who need a different place to work.

Students are enrolled in a language arts, math or both classes to receive help at the appropriate level to meet their educational needs.

Academic Support
Students who need additional help with the IEP goals for reading or math may be enrolled in an academic support class. These classes are much smaller and allow for more direct instruction and one on one time with the teacher.

Life Skills
Students work on academics as well as skills for living in a secure environment. They may attend some general education classes such as P.E. or Electives. When appropriate, students may attend social studies and science classes in the general education environment with special ed support. Students may also be included in vocational classes.

Additional information concerning Special Education in Spring Branch ISD can be found at the following link: