The SBISD Athletic Department Mission:
Every day we plan, practice and play to win. But that is not our purpose.

Our purpose is our mission.
Our mission is to transform lives through the power of sport:
one student-athlete, one team, one community at a time.

The SBISD Athletic Department Beliefs:
We believe our charge is to: Build on the strengths and gifts of each student-athlete and coach.
Provide every student in the system with competitive opportunities and quality experiences. 
Instill, in every student, the belief that they can achieve more than they think possible.                          
Develop the mindset that every adult in our program is responsible for and committed to providing a foundation for all the student-athletes in our care so that they successfully complete some form of higher education.

Landrum coaching staff

Mitchell Maxwell Campus Athletic Coordinator (8th grade Football 8th Grade Basketball, Boys Track, Cross Country)
Lizbeth Figueroa Asst. Campus Athletic Coordinator (7th Grade Volleyball, Girls Track, 8th Grade Girls Soccer)
Ron Knowles 7th Grade Football, 7th Grade Basketball, Boys Track, Cross Country
Erin Morris 7th Grade Volleyball, 7th Grade Girls Basketball, Girls Track
Kristian Dudonis 7th Grade Football, 8th Grade Girls Basketball, Girls Track
Tyrome Brown 8th Grade Volleyball, 7the Grade Girls Basketball
Tom Falconar 7th Grade Boys Soccer
Amber Cosette 7th Grade Girls Soccer
Alfonso Mendoza 8th Grade Football, 8th Grade Boys Soccer
Priscilla Loera 8th Grade Volleyball
Taylor Bailey 8th Grade Girls basketball, Boys Track

Athlete’s Code of Conduct:
-Every athlete must purchase a Landrum MS issued athletic uniform ($20 for shirt and shorts)
-Be eligible (70% or above in all classes) during the season in accordance with UIL regulations 
-Adhere to district and campus student code of conduct

Offered Sports:
Girls- Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Track, Cross Country and Soccer
Boys- Football, Basketball, Track, Cross Country and Soccer

Ticket Information for Middle School Sports:
$3.00 Adult tickets and $1.00 Student tickets at  Spring Branch ISD facilities

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