Our mission is to promote the health and wellness of the students, families, and community at Landrum Middle School and KIPP Courage at Landrum. The Nurse and Nursing Assistant provide health services including vision, hearing, and spinal screenings, health assessments, and community referrals. 

The Clinic hours are Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Hours are subject to change. The clinic closes early the second Tuesday of every month due to Nurse Meetings. Feel free to call or email the Nurse to schedule an appointment.

For Parents/Guardians: 

For fevers over 100° F or potentially contagious illnesses, your child will be sent home and may be referred to the Doctor. Please make sure the Clinic has a valid contact number in case of emergencies. If a parent cannot be reached, the child may be transported to the nearest hospital. Financial responsibility for any fees acquired will be left to the parent/guardian.

Students with a fever are not allowed to attend school for 24 hours after they are fever-free without the use of medications. Students should bring a parent note to the Registrar upon return to school. Students referred to the Doctor must return the referral note to the Nurse's office before they may return to class. If diagnosed with a contagious disease, he/she may not return to school for 24 hours after the start of treatment. 

Students and families desiring to bring medication onto campus, prescription or over-the-counter, must have 1) a medication form filled out and turned into the Nurse, as well as 2) the medication in its original container. Forms may be obtained from the Nurse's office. 

Under Texas Immunization Law, it is vital for students to meet all vaccine requirements prior to beginning school. The Nurse is not automatically updated when your child receives their scheduled immunizations. To save yourself time and effort, you are encouraged to provide the Nurse with a copy of your child's updated vaccination record as soon as immunizations are received.

For families in need of medical assistance, mental health services, or home treatment, please feel free to speak with the Nurse about local programs during regular office hours.